Your vibes are whatever you are. Be kind, be loving, be truthful. You will never have to worry about what others are thinking.

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I have lots of plants in my balcony and some have lots of flowers. When I open my window in the morning, I can smell them. One day, when I was looking at them and enjoying the morning fresh air with their fragrance, I wondered, if they had to come and tell me, I give you beauty, I give you good fragrance. They are where ever they are, and I goto them for the freshness. They are just being good.

I realized, our character is the same. When we are truthful, loving and kind, it becomes our fragrance. We do not have to go and tell people who we are. We do not have to worry about what others are thinking of us. They know what we know. They can’t know what we do not know. They absorb the energy from our vibes. Our vibe is our fragrance. Whatever you are, whatever you are thinking, whatever you are doing will reflect in your fragrance. You can be where ever you are. people will come on their own to enjoy the beauty and fragrance. They will come to feel the fresh air. Be a breather of fresh air. No one can fake the fragrance. It is whoever you are.

Be kind, be loving and be truthful. People will love you, will talk good about you and they will trust you. Let your vibe spread who you are.

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