A good thought process is the foundation of a good life. Start training your children also on the same.

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One thing I have learned in life that if we keep thinking good, if we keep holding good intentions, eventually everything falls into place. Everything starts going haywire. If we are thinking good, we really do not have to worry about end results or what others are thinking of us. Our thought process will create our energy and that will communicate everything. I was sitting with my four years old twins and I was wondering if I could train them on same. For me, it is important that they understand this basic rule of life. So I asked them what good did you think and then what good did it bring to you. I was surprised with their answers. They thought and said that I had pain in my knee and I told God it shall be fine and see it is fine now. (At this age they manage a lots of knee injuries as they keep falling a lot). The second one said that, I told God, please help me in finishing my homework on time and see today it was finished before time. I was happy that they are learning this and it continues everyday. Everyday, I am asking them the same or similar question and they tell me something they have been thinking about.

Start training your children on what’s right and what’s wrong. Start training your children on what would take them far in life. Start training them on the facts that wrong thought process will never take them far. It’s the right thought process and right doing. They are the future and they are the future of this world. let’s create a happy and thoughtful world together.

Start asking the right questions, so that they start thinking right way. Start guiding them on doing the right thing for everyone. Help them in becoming happy, hardworking and independent in thought process individuals. Let them know, how they can start creating the future.

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