Your value doesn’t decrease, if no one values you. You are who you are.

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One boy wanted admission in a particular school. That Guru was very famous. Everyone thought that if someone had been taught by him, he would definitely be successful. The guru did not approve of the admission. But he insisted. So the guru asked him to clear a test. He gave him a stone and asked to find out the value but not to sell it. The boy went and first met a farmer. The farmer looked at it and thought it looks very bright and my children can play with it. The farmer said that he would give one kilo of his harvest. The boy thought that it meant it had some value. So he goes next and meets a grocer. The grocer thinks that he can use it as a weighing stone. So he offers a sack of potatoes The jeweler thinks that he can make jewelry from it and gift it to the king and offers 100 gold coins. Now, the boy feels very confident and goes to the king. The king and the court members wisher to each other and offer half of the kingdom. Now, the boy thinks that my admission is confirmed because I am getting half kingdom for the guru. The guru asks him to pack his bags and go home. He wonders. The guru says this is The Philospher’s stone. (Paras pathar). The wealth of this entire world cannot buy this. It can buy the entire world.

Similarly, we need to know, we all have this stone hidden inside us. People will come into our lives, and they will put a value to us accoding to what they have, not as per who we are. They may offer some harvest or some potato or nothing. It depends on what they have. What we need to know is, our value does not change, if no one values us. There is this Japnese proverb which says, a diamond does not lose its shine if there are no admirers.

So what’s our value? Well, we need to know who we are and what we are capable of. We need to know our own qualities. We need to respect ourselves and love ourselves. We shall not bother about what others are saying!

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