Our soul only recognizes love. Follow that, and you will always find the right place to stay.

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She came with a question. She had been with multiple partners and still she felt cheated every time. She wondered who would be her right one. Because every time it had been very hurtful. I asked her that what did she look for when she chose a partner. She accepted that sometimes, it had been money, sometimes it had been friends, sometime she was desperate for love. Ok, when she was desperate for love, how did she feel? She did not feel anything. She felt that he was bringing her gifts and pampering her, so he must love her. But in her heart, did she feel love? She thought for a while and accepted that with one partner she had felt love and she still feels, she had done a mistake by not being with him. But at that time they both were not earning and they both were young. So she had to move on!

Exactly, this is the love we are talking about. When we feel it, we know it. Our soul is made up of pure love, and it can recognize love from far. It knows when there is love. Love brings in the divine. So we need to choose love, when we are choosing a partner. If we are worried about money or anything else, believe me, everything will sort out when its love and if we keep our intentions pure. In our heart we would know love.

And it is there for everything in life. When we feel love, we know it. When we feel honesty we know it. While choosing a business partner or while choosing a path, follow love and you will always find the right one. Our soul can recognize love. Even a small baby can recognize love in his heart. When a stranger comes to a home and tries to take a baby, if the person is of negative intentions, the baby would start crying and come back to his mother. If the baby feels love, the baby would sleep in the guests arms. We all need to learn to go back to that innocence and start recognizing love again. It is burried under many thoughts and ego. If we start choosing love, we will always take the right path.

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