No one can do everything and everyone can do something. We all need to know what we are good at.

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She was the eldest in the family. They were four siblings. Her family shifted from US to India when she was just seven years old. There her mother lived independently and here they had to live in a big joint family. Her mother had to go through lack of space emotionally and physically. She suffered a lot and she took it out on her. For any smallest of the thing like at the age of seven if she could not do anything properly, she was beaten up or she heard many things. She was always scared. She lost her confidence. She wondered if she could do anything in life. Her mother felt sorry for her but she did not know how to reverse it.

She wanted to change and that’s the first step. I asked her that they all have been telling her many bad things to you but what have you been telling to yourself? Yes, you have been repeating those things throughout the day and that is breaking you more because there is no source of positivity right now. So she started telling herself like she was amazing, she could do it and also, she made a plan for her life and what she wanted to be, she wanted to set up her own store in United States. She wanted to be a designer. And she started focusing on that and started telling herself that she could do this. Instead of putting her energy on evaluating herself on the basis of everything which her family expected her to do and thinking she could not do anything, she started telling herself that she was the worlds number one designer and she would have a very famous store in US. Things changed and she started feeling better and it was evident on her face. In 6 years she moved to US.

Yes, no one can do everything and everyone can do something. We all need to know that thing and work on that rather than beating ourselves for not knowing everything. Everything was not known even to Rama. He had to get help from the monkey army (Vanar Sena) to build the bridge. So work on yourself, love yourself and grow with love, abundance and confidence.

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