You would never know your strength until you were challenged to use it.

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We were boarding our flight to Srinagar and my one daughter was scared of flying. She said mom, I am scared because it is my first flight. And why are you scared? What if? Or maybe just like that. I asked are you scared of walking and she started laughing. She said, why would I be scared of walking? Exactly! You were scared of walking when you first stepped on the ground. The first time, you were on the hard floor down from a soft bed. You kept touching the floor and then you were finally comfortable after two days. She sat on the flight, looked a little scared, and then she was happy. There we had to hire mules and again she was scared. However, after her first ride, she felt safe and happy.

She reminded me of two people. One was always sure about himself and one was concerned at the age of 55. He shared that, he felt that he was never challenged in life, and because of that, he did not know what he was capable of. Anyway, you ask for it and you get it. His brother kicked him out of the business and he had to restart everything. He worked hard and in five years he was able to manage a good level of business. He wondered if this was a test or a journey to discover his own capability.

Another gentleman always felt very calm and collected always. I asked him, what makes you so comfortable and peaceful? He smiled and said that his father died at the age of 17 and he was left all alone to take care of his sister and mother. He worked hard, did everything, he was beaten up, he was appreciated and finally, he was there where he was. Things could be worse, he would never say, it had been worst but he knew, if he had the right intentions and he had faith, he would be able to sail through everything. His real strength was in his determination. I looked at him and I felt the respect and admiration.

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