We need to remove the things from our minds that are not serving positively. Learn to let go!

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Sometimes, we play merry-go-round in our minds. We keep coming back to the same place. We feel that we are having fun but then if we continue taking those rounds we start feeling dizzy. We do not realize that we have an option to step down. And stop that. Most of the time, it is related to relationships. He said so, she said so, he acted like this, she acted like this. Things happen and people become channels for that. We put the entire blame on the person for that.

Maybe someone is actually responsible. But what is happening right now? We are letting that person still hurt us. We need to stop that. We are allowing that person to occupy a big part of our minds and hearts. And the result is a life that hurts us. A resentful life. And bad health, bad moods, and much more. And a negative vibration that does not allow us to rise.

So what shall we do? Take a conscious decision that it’s time to move on. Take a conscious decision that you are ready to forgive. Take a decision that its time to set yourself free. And then work on it. may be right your priorities and start focusing on them. Know, where you shall focus and focus on that and train yourself to think about that. Find more things to do in life. Also, try to find a positive side of what all you have learned and gained in that situation. how that situation helped. Understand the situation and stop blaming. Take other’s neutral perspective too. Also, create a better future in life and mind.

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