Putting down someone else for the money they have is a sign of lack. Keep your thought process abundant.

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One rich person died in a car crash. The car was very expensive. Someone sent me a picture of that, saying, see the money cannot help in saving us. We shall better focus on good deeds.

Yes, we shall better focus on good deeds but why do we have to add that money cannot save us? Why do we have to compare? Why can’t we simply say we shall focus on good deeds? Is it like the grapes are sour? He/she cannot reach that level of abundance, so start finding faults in reaching there. Who said that rich people cannot die in an accident and they are not doing good deeds when they are alive? Who said that doing good is a copyright for the poor or for the people with less money? In fact, I have seen people who have a lot of money are able to help better as they have more to spare.

Who said that if someone does not have money, they always do good things in life? I have seen most poor people hitting their wives, doing all kinds of thefts, cheating on people, and having bad mouths. In fact, they take it as their birthright because they are poor.

I am not against the poor or in favor of the rich. I am just stating a thought process that is hindering our progress and we do not realize it. We all want abundance. I have not seen anyone yet, who did not want a lot of money. Not even one person yet! Then why do we have to put down someone who has already reached there? We need to learn to appreciate and accept and work on it.

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