You rise when you surrender

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How can we have zero karma?

When we surrender. We can reach to the level of karma free state only when we surrender all good and bad to God. Till then we keep creating good or bad. Till the time we have any good or bad karma, we are entangled here.

How surrender creates zero karma?

Till the time we are attached to the fact that I have done good, good will happen to me or I have done bad, bad will happen to me, we keep creating karma good or bad. What good is hidden in bad and what bad is hidden in good we do not know. But when we surrender, we just surrender. I am doing and all good and bad belongs to him. Do everything with the best of your surrender. And The next level comes, he is the one who is doing, not me. So everything belongs to him.

How dow e know it when we surrender, it is a true surrender?

Till the time we know we exist, we are not surrendering. Till that time, that awareness is created by ego. But when we stop existing within ourselves, we get detached and the surrender comes. One surrender comes with love, where we just trust him so much that everything is fine. He is taking care of all. But in everything hold your ernest intention.

That’s why in Bhagwad Gita Krishna says, Do your karma and get detached from the result. Surrender everything to me.

When we surrender, we find him, We truly rise when we surrender.

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