We eat fruits from the trees sowed by us only. Make sure you always plant sweet ones.

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A gentleman came by, who was in debts. He needed help to feel peaceful. He shared his story. He also shared another story. A villager had a Buffalo. He used to milk her and sell her milk. He also would take loan from people and never returned. In the night, the buffalo would start talking every time “Will you pay now or later”. One day, he asked her, what do you say and why do you say. She starting laughing and shared that in her past life, she had taken loan from him and did not pay back. She is tied at his place because of this loan. She is paying back by giving him milk. So if we do not return the money, we will be paying back in some or other form but you will definitely pay. He asked her, why are you telling me this story? She started laughing. She said that she would wait to see the day that at how many places he would become a buffalo for how many lives to pay back his loans.

I asked him, why are you telling me this, and he felt very low and sad. He shared that he was also paying back. He had gone into past life regression, and he had seen that he had taken loans with an intention of not paying them back. This entire life is debt-ridden and whatever comes to him goes into the payment of debts and interest.

Another lady also shared her past life experience. She was a cruel master, and she would hit and abuse her servant. In this life her servant had become her husband, and he shared the same relationship with her which she had shared with him.

Another gentleman shared his story. He had taken loan from someone and later on denied that he had taken that loan. The money had exchanged hands on the basis of trust. Later on, he fell sick and had to go through multiple surgeries. He was bed ridden after that and had huge medical bills. It felt like no medicine was working. Deep inside he knew that he had committed a fraud and it’s a pay back time.

We all know karma comes back. We all know what we are sowing today, we will reap tomorrow. Then how can we not do all the good we can. How can we still do the things which are not right.

May God gives strength to all of us, to always do the right thing.

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