Do all the good you can, after all, it’s one life.

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She started going to the pub every day and would drink every day. She told her parents, she wants to enjoy her life, after all, it’s one life. Her parent’s were helpless. At the age of 35, her liver started getting affected. She had to stop drinking and she experienced tremendous pain. She asked, I never harmed anyone, but why this is happening to me. My intentions were innocent, then why is this happening to me?

Yes, she did not harm anyone but herself. When we take the power of something, we have to take the responsibility of the results too. Yes, it’s one life, and we need to see what do we want to do with it. We went to the kitchen and we decided to cook an Indian gravy. We thought of making a dish with cottage cheese. We only had one opportunity. But I added different ingredients. She kept asking why did I do that? The answer was simple. If I wanted to eat cottage cheese I had to add that. It’s only one dish. If I am adding something else, I can’t get Cheese.

In the same way, in life also, we need to start doing good and all the good we can do, if we really want to have a good life. So what shall I do?

Well, what do you want in life?

I want to have lots of money and I want to relax. In that case, you need to work hard for lots of money. You want to relax, but you can never relax on someone else’s money. In this world, we all have to earn our own bread. A wife is not working but she is supporting her husband so that he can earn the bread. So start working on it. earn a lot and then you will find that mental peace within. You want good to happen to you, start doing all the good you can. After all this is one life.

How do i do good?

Well, first of all be genuine. The second thing is desire best for everyone. Shift your focus from self to helping others and see the change. She did that and after 2 months, she could feel so peaceful and her health also started to improve.

Our body and life both reflects our Karma and thought process. Do all the good you can. Work hard and you will see a good life ahead.

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