You get what you give and you need to give to yourself too. Everyone deserves that self-care and love.

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She was working hard to take care of everyone. They were a big happy family. Her husband earned well. She also earned well. She was a doctor and her patients loved her. Everyone said that you are nice. At home also made a balance. Everyone was happy. But the balance was for the outside world. For herself, she did not create that balance. She did not take out time for her own care. She grew up in a manner where she learned to give before taking anything. One day, she got a fever, and then she could not recover for months. She was bedridden and worked in between but there was a time when she had to focus on her own health for months. What she did not do in years, she was forced to do now. She had to go through a lot of mental balancing for that. She realized that taking care of herself is not bad. In order to take care of others also, she had to take care of herself. And she did not have to feel guilty about that.

It reminded me of a story. There was only one cobbler in a small village who repaired everyone’s shoes. One day, his own she broke and he did not bother. Every day, he told himself, that first he needs to take care of others and he also told himself that, he would do that for himself today. Then, his shoe reached a level where it started hurting his feet. He could not repair it. Finally, there came a day, when he got boils in his feet and he could not walk and then he could not open the shop for days. He had to tend his feet and repair his shoes.

It happens to all of us. We need to learn to take care of ourselves without feeling guilty.

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