If you want to be happy, instead of complaining about life, change it or accept it.

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She was her parent’s only child. She wanted to take care of them and support them when they grow old. Indian society is designed in a way that once a girl is married, she is supposed to take care of her husband’s home and his parents. This arrangement was ok when parents had multiple children. But now, the scenario has changed. Who would support a girl’s parents when they grow old? Well, this was the fight all the time. They did not like it if she supported her parents. 10 years passed and things were getting worse every day. Because she was getting frustrated and they were getting old. She started spending more time at their place and finally, they were heading towards divorce. However, no one wanted the divorce as they had a child too. They approached a counselor and he suggested they switch roles. He was supposed to live her role for one week and she was supposed to live his role for one week. He went to her parent’s place and realized, how ignored they were and how selfish he had been in keeping her from taking care of them. She realized how sensitive was his position between her and his parents. They changed and things became better. Things did not become better just by complaining.

He always complained about how his father managed his finances. His father had made bad choices and he blamed his father for the financial problems at home. In reality, that was coming from a place where he felt his friends had better resources. When he grew up, his father asked him to make things better rather than complaining. He wondered what he could do. His father told him, that either he could keep complaining or study hard and make things better for himself. He realized the point and started focusing on creating his own career rather than finding faults in his father. He stopped complaining and his grades improved as his focus improved. He was able to get admission to a good college and then a good job. He no longer had financial problems. He always wondered was his father or his own grouch behavior.

Yes, we can never improve anything by complaining. We need to take an action and if we cannot, we need to accept and be happy in what we have. Then we need to see, how we can accept things better.

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