We can’t be successful until we have the courage to accept failure.

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My girls were playing a game and the one who was losing started tossing it around. She was irritated and the other one was complaining “Mu..and then she would say it’s m-u, not maa…Mu..if she wants to play, she has to play fair or how else we will play”? Fair enough. So I called up both of them and asked the one who was losing, why are you irritated, it’s a game. And she said because I want to win. Everyone wants to win, but if you will not play and spoil the game, you will never have an opportunity to win. The opportunity comes, when we play and we are ready to accept the failure too. If we quit, then anyway, we have lost it and we also lose the opportunity to win also.

So what shall I do Mu…keep playing and then you will learn better strategies, focus on winning, rather than defeating the other one, play fair, work hard, and eventually you would win. It does not matter how far we have to travel and how slow we are or fast we are, it is about how long we can continue to go. If we stop, we will never win! She made a face and then said, ok, let’s play.

But isn’t all this true for us too? Winning is important for all of us but are we ready to accept failure and play fair?

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