You are stronger than you know. Know that for every challenge in life.

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Few lessons I have learned, imbibed, internalized and they are a part of who I am. One of them is You are stronger than you know. Somehow, this lesson is coming today, when every day we are waking up with the fear of an epidemic spreading around and the first concern is to keep the family safe. Yes, when we have a family, the first thought process is about everyone in the family. I do not care, what a feminist would say, but this is a happy phase chosen by me. It’s not forced. Taking care of the entire family is giving me immense pride and peace. When I look at their happy faces, I feel life well lived.

So coming back to you are stronger than you know, whenever there is a challenge or a tough time, and I get doubts about myself, I wonder, if I can do it if I can pull through it. I get a reminder, you are stronger than you know.

I want to tell this to everyone. We are strong. We are very very strong. We have the divine presence inside us. We have the power of the Universe backing us up. With our strong intentions, with our determination, we can pull through anything. A cancer survivor also comes back healthy when they have the will and intention. So have the will to fight any challenge in life without giving up. You can fight anything, you can come out of any fire, you can win any battle, be it at home or in life or in the world. Know that you are stronger than you know and with each step you will be amazed at your own strengths. It’s like you will be discovering yourself more and more.

So the secret?

Instead of seeing yourself defeated, see yourself winning. See yourself unscathed. See yourself coming out alive. See yourself, talking about the win. In your mind, create a happy healthy picture. Be strong and find more strength inside you.

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