Faith does not mean we stop our efforts. Faith means we do all we can and have faith it will find the way.

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One gentleman came that I believe God is doing everything for me. He is beautiful with his surrender but then he said, so I do not have to worry. Which is also fine. Then he said that I stopped making efforts. It raised my eyebrow. So I asked, efforts for what? He looked sad and said that I have been facing business problems and health issues. I believe whatever is happening is happening for me. I kept quiet and he continued. He said that I believe in prayers. Still it’s beautiful. So I pray and I am waiting for things to turn around. Then, I was concerned. I asked him how. He shared that he has stopped going to the office and he was waiting for the miracle. And for health? He said I am waiting.

When I was small my mom shared a story and I shared with him the same. A gentleman was drowning and the entire village was flooded. HE said that God would save him. So he kept sitting. Many people came in between who offered help and he kept sitting saying God would help me. So he died and he reaches to God. He asked God, why you did not save me? God said that who sent so many people?

So for him, the answer was, if you would keep sitting at home, how would you know if God sent someone for you? This is a land of Karma. Even when God came here, he put in all his efforts. He put in efforts as Krishna and Ram and in every other form. he had all the power to get Sita without lifting a finger but he did everything he could to get to her. Where are your efforts in your prayers? So what shall I do? , pray, surrender do everything you can but make an effort. Go out, do all you can and your efforts will find a direction. So the prayers will not help? They are helping but without efforts, they are empty. It shows your lack of desire to do something. It is like when you are hungry, you need to eat your food to fill up your stomach. Can someone else eat and you would feel satiated? Without efforts, everything is like that. Faith does not mean we stop our efforts. Faith means we do all we can and have faith it will find the way.

He understood and started going to the office. He started working on his health too and soon the results came in. He struck a new deal which improved his business. His health also improved as he was mentally relaxed too.

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