We need to work for a healthy body. It won’t happen on its own.

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At the age of 60, he was unable to walk. Doctors had advised him lots of health precautions. He wondered, why he was suffering from such health issues. He said, I have never done anything bad to anyone, why am I suffering?

So we started discussing his lifestyle. His wife shared that, he ate lots of oily food, he loved that. He always had a sitting job, he never worked on his health. He always said that what can happen to me. His wife asked him that at least go for a morning walk. He woke up late and ate till very late. His lifestyle was unhealthy. So he looked at another gentleman, who could climb 3 floors without panting at the age of 75. He asked, what good he had done to deserve such a healthy body. that gentleman smiled and shared that he always woke up at 5 am, went for a run, came back, ate all healthy food. he always ate lots of fruits and vegetables. He slept early and did not eat anything very late. That gentleman shared that, I always wanted to have a very healthy body. So I always worked on it.

Yes, like a loving relationship, like a good job and business, good health also needs to be earned. It will not happen on it’s own.

Wake up early. Go for a run/walk/jog or to the gym. Do your breathing exercises. Eat healthily. Eat more of veggies, and fruits. Eat herbs. Avoid junk food. Avoid very oily food. Eat more of live food. Stay positive. Get rid of all the negative emotions. Work on your positivity. Envision a healthy body till the last day of life.

This body is the carrier of our soul. Work on it. Keep it clean, positive and healthy.

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