You are not giving anything to anyone. You are just a channel, do not hold the ego.

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Bhagwad Gita. Shat Shat naman!

I always used to feel that every thing comes with a manual but life did not come with a manual. No! I was wrong and I am happy to be wrong. Bhagwad Gita is that manual. it will tell you, how you shall live your life. It will also guide you how to think to get it right. It can tell you that what is good and what is bad. But to follow that or not is your choice.

So Bhagwad Gita says there are three levels of giving. First, which is Satvik, and unconditional. You give something not with a purpose. But to give and help. The second one is Tamsik, which you give with a purpose of return in your mind. The lowest one is Rajsik, which you give to satisfy your ego. TO create a name for yourself.

So anything which we give and we hold an ego of it, we are shifting to the lowest vibrations and Karma which works according to the vibrations and energy, will have lowest results. Which may be negative also sometimes.

Whatever you are giving, whether it’s a help, or its a salary or any other transaction like you are paying for something you are buying, do not hold the ego. Know that you are just a channel. Be grateful. I remember one gentleman mistreating his servants saying then you will open your mouth wide for the salary. But wasn’t he opening mouth to get work done. Then? The servant is earning by doing work. You are just a medium for his income. If you cannot then someone else will. Ultimately, God is the one who is paying for everyone. Similarly, when you are making a charity or helping someone, know that the person who is receiving is supposed to receive something anyway. God is giving you an opportunity to be a channel here. So be grateful for that channel. It is like you are working in a very big house. Suddenly the master calls your name to deliver something. So you would feel happy that you have been chosen to deliver. Yes, for everything you are just a delivery agent.

Give with love, give with gratitude.

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