Never give up on the good things in life. Even if you have to try 100 times.

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I cannot do it anymore!

I am tired of being good, and how long I can be good when others are not.

He has to improve, then only I can improve.

I cannot keep making effort.

Everyone is dishonest. I cannot stay honest if I have to run business.

He was lying and hurting me, so I also had to do that to protect myself.

These days no one can earn big without doing something bad.

I hear so many things where people have all kinds of justification for not doing the right things and not doing the good things.

Yes, there is good and there is bad in this world. may be in equals. That’s why there will be a balance. We will see what we want to see. Because half of the world is bad and not doing the right things, we cannot become bad. We cannot give up on good things even if we have to try 100 times. Yes, half of the world is bad and half is good. It is our choice, where we would like to be. We can choose we want to be good and bad. Blaming others bad things for own bad things is like justifying what wrong we are doing. No, it does not work like that. We can be a part of good things if we really want to. We may feel the path is bit difficult, but believe will be happy to see result. It is like you are planting flowers or not working on your garden..It may take time for flowers to blossom and it may be easy to ruin the garden. But finally when you will see the result, the garden with flowers will look better and the garden with no work or damaged will not look good. Life is like that. We need to see we want to plant the flowers or ruin the garden. But final result will be what we do right now. There is no other option.

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