If we really want to have a good life, being genuine is a necessity not optional.

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I feel sad when I see people are not genuine in their relationships. Be it with their spouses, parents, work or anything else. Its not that I have not been in-genuine in my life ever. In younger days, I was. Then I faced the consequences and then I learned my lesson. i could see what was coming from where in life and I am glad I could see all that at a very young age. So that I could learn my lesson and stop things from going wrong at a very young age. Before a very big damage happened in life. But I wonder when i see 50-60 years old people making dishonest commitments, playing games against own loved ones, lying over property, making false allegations just to prove the point, and doing all the things they should not be doing.

Who can explain to grown up people. What stories of Karma we can tell them, I wonder. Because they already know it.

Being genuine, honest, having a genuine intention is not an option. Sometime people say, it’s ok. No…it’s not ok to lie to to do something which we shall not have done.Sometime, people say, it is ok, if we have to do something dishonest to earn big and no, it is not ok. Believe me, that money would never stay. Sometimes, they feel it’s ok to lie in the relationship, so that they get a way out for what they want. believe me it is not ok. It will bounce back. You will lose the trust and the person.

Be genuine in what you think. Be genuine in what you say. Be genuine in what you do. That’s the only way to create a good life. yes we are creating our lives with our good thoughts and good karmas. We are creating it. No one to be blamed.

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