Without growing internally, we can never grow externally in life.


He was rich and successful. he started from zero. He was very peaceful and humble. When I sat next to him, it was so insightful. I asked him, after earning so much money, how he was so humble or down to earth. he smiled and said that he was not. He started from zero and he started treating people with pride. He started treating himself as entitled and that’s when his fall started. He kind of came to zero which people did not know. He had to learn his life lessons about gratitude and compassion and helping others and he also realized we are not entitled to anything. anything can slip away anytime. It’s not about being humble because it might slip away. it is about learning that whatever is there is a gift and we shall value that. it is also given to help others. Indulgence is allowed till the extent it does not spoil you because God is putting in a lot of effort to evolve you. He is working on you a lot. If he sees there is an indulgence, he would rather take it away to purify you, to protect you, so that his years of work does not go wasted. Everything is given to help you grow further so that you can help others grow and you can help this creation.

It is like let’s say, if you have all the resources, you would want your child to be happy and become a better human being. If you will see the child getting spoiled, you will start taking away the resources, so that the child realizes what’s more important in life. That is also a part of your love. Similarly, tough times also are a part of God’s love.

So he shared that once he learned his lesson of gratitude and humility, things started getting better. So it was not possible to grow externally without growing internally and becoming better.

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