Always remember, do not give up on good things because of others.

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“I have stopped helping people”. Why did you do so? People are bad and they made fun of me or they treated me badly after that.

“I am dishonest because others cheated me”. My brother cheated me in business, so I had to get dishonest too.

” I started smoking and drinking otherwise my friends would not accept me in the group”.

“I am bad because people forced me to be bad”.

Yes, we all go through circumstances. Where people cheat on us, treat us badly, they force us to drink alcohol or smoke, they make fun of us and they do all the things which hurt us.

But we also meet people, who they appreciate us, they guide us on the right path, they thank us, they are kind to us.

It is our decision, what do we want to be. We also need to ask the question, am I becoming bad because of who i am or is it because of the circumstances? If it’s because of circumstances, then they force us to become good also. It is sheer our choice. It is who we are. We need to make the right choice. We need to choose who we are carefully so that we do not regret it when we look back. I would say, do not give up on good thing because of others.

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