We become successful when we don’t give up.


Met a businessman. He started from zero. He had slept on benches and wiped the floors. Cleaned babies poops and did whatever he could. I asked him, what’s the secret of your success? He simply said that because I did not give up. I did whatever I could do to survive and I had my goal clear in my mind. What do you mean by I did not give up? He smiled and said, I saw many ups and downs. But I kept moving. I knew, if I would not give up, I would be successful. I knew that, if I am failing, I would have a bigger opportunity. If I was stuck, I was meant to find a better road. I did not give up and anyone who would not give up will be successful. God is supporting everyone. Or whatever power you believe in is supporting everyone. It belongs to no one. It belongs to everyone. It belongs to everyone equally. When we decide we want to succeed, it also wants us to succeed. God does not want us to fail. God wants us to succeed and he wants to support us. He does not want us to receive things like they are in charity. We need to feel within ourselves that yes we deserve this. This journey is to become worthy in our own eyes. For God, we are worthy of everything that has ever been created and will be created. He wants us to have it all. He wants everyone to succeed. We need to aim and go for it and get it. We cannot give up. If we give up, it means we have told ourselves, we cannot have it or we do not deserve it. We have let it go ourselves. In that case, we stopped helping ourselves. But if we continue to work for it, we keep improving own belief system and we get what we want because we already deserved it.

It took him 15 years, to be successful and he did not give up, so he got it all!

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