With our strong and noble intentions, we can achieve anything.

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He was a small child but a kind child. At the age of five, everyone could see his kindness. He helped everyone and shared his food. Why sharing was so important. Because he was growing up in a family with limited means. His family could barely manage food and sometimes, they could not manage that also. He could give his entire food to someone if needed. Everyone was surprised. So his mother asked him, why do you give away your food? He simply smiled and said, because someone needed it and I wanted to help. When he grew up, he continued and started serving in a temple. Maybe our destiny takes us on a path as per our intentions. He started a school there and also a food program. He kept expanding his work. He always said one thing, with your noble intentions God helps.

He was born in a middle-class family and he told his mother at the age of 6 that I will be a businessman. Everyone thought that it was a child’s ambition. One uncle asked him, why do you want to be a businessman he said so that he could have more money and I could feed more people. I want to help people. He worked hard and his intentions were noble. At the age of 35, he was running a big business and also feeding 1000 people every day.

Everything is happening with our intentions. God is there with our intentions. God accepts our offerings with our intentions. Without intentions, nothing is happening. Keep them noble and keep yourself committed and everything can be achieved.

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