The way people talk, they reveal who they are. So instead of feeling bad, understand human nature.

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I have twin daughters. They are growing up together at the same time with the same value system. Still, they are poles apart. One is very calm and one is very aggressive. The calmer one always gets snubbed and she feels bad. I have to handle both. So the calmer one was feeling very bad that, look mamma how is she talking. I have no self-worth, the way she talks to me. I feel so bad about myself, and the way I am being treated. It reminded me of so many people who keep the hurt in their hearts because someone with a loud voice did not let their voice come up.

So I told her, why are you not loud? She looked at me and said, mamma, this is not me. I just can’t do that. (I know this about her). Exactly! This is who you are and this is who she is. It has nothing to do with your own self-worth. It’s about who you are and who she is. You cannot be loud and she is not respectful and peaceful. So the way people talk to you, deal with you, it’s about who they are not who you are.

Do not let your self-worth be dependent on others’ behavior toward you. You are precious and invaluable. You are the precious child of God made in his reflection. Respect yourself for who you are.

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