The one who has learned to understand the other’s pain has understood the divine too.

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Mamma, where is God, who is God? How can we know him? Who are superheroes?

So I was watching this superhero serial with my girls. Kids are always excited about that. They can see supernatural powers. And they were like what if I get those powers? And yes an interesting question. So two people have powers. One is the villain and one is the hero. No one wants to be a villain. Everyone wants to be a superhero. Why do we want to be a superhero? Because he is the winner in the end. Who wants to be a loser? But then why is he winning? Because one is harming people and one is helping people. The one who is harming becomes the loser. We like them because they help. We do not like them if they hurt. So anyone who is helping people actually is a superhero.

Now, the big question is, do we want to wait for the special powers? Or why did God make them winners? Why did the villain lose? Every question has one answer, they understood others’ pain, they wanted to help and that’s why God gave them power and they won. We can start doing that. Not for the gain of power but to genuinely help.

Does that what God want? Yes, if someone understands the pain and helps people and serves this world, that’s what God wants. Why does God want that? Because this is who he is. he cannot see anyone in pain. Even if someone has done 100 mistakes and is seeking forgiveness genuinely, if someone is seeking help, he is there. He is helping everyone without judging. But he is the most powerful, is the next question. Yes, he is. There have been powerful people born before, but they lost because they harmed people. God has been there and will always be there because he helped everyone, and loved everyone and that’s what made him stronger every day. When we hurt people, we are hated and that’s what makes us weak.

So what shall we do? Understand other’s pain, help them and you will find God and you will understand him.

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