When you set your intentions, everything starts healing you. Let this entire creation heal you.

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I met a lady a few years back. She was a cancer survivor. Where doctors did not know if she would survive or not. She shared that even she had given up, but then she met a healer. HE told her, that every morning when she wakes up, she can start thanking everything around her for healing her. She started doing the same. She would look at the wall, and thank it for healing her. She would look at the couch and thank it for healing her. She would breathe and thank the air for healing her. She would let the sun light fall on her and thank it for healing her. Very soon, she started recovering and it had been ten years since then.

It was so inspiring to hear her story. When my daughters were small, they went through a very difficult phase physically. They were premature twins. I would pray and chant Gayatri Mantra on every bite they were eating. I would pray to every bite they were eating to heal them. And they recovered and have started growing up fine.

Whether we call it, power of Mantra, power of intention, power of faith or our connection with the Universe. Nothing is far. Everything is connected. The connection is already there with everything. We just need to realize this connection and let everything get connected back to us. Everything has God’s presence. Even science recognizes God particle. This divinity inside us connects everything. Let this connection work.

This healing starts working for everything. Love, health, abundance. Let it heal. Let it flow with love and light.

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