t’s very easy to pile up complaints but for a better life, we need to learn to remember all the good is done for us.

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I was giving a seminar, and it was a crowd of 300 people. When we were talking about relationships, a gentleman got up and shared how bad he had been feeling about an incident when the dinner table was short of one chapatti (Indian Bread) and this makes him feel, his wife does not care for his family. I asked him, for how long he had been married and he was married for 7 years. She had been taking care of own children and his brother’s children for last 5 years and in seven years, one chapatti was less, he was talking about that in front of a crowd. Did he think of explaining how well, she has been taking care of everyone?

They were fighting tooth and nails. When I asked them, she shared that how he was not doing things for her. I asked her, why she was notr leaving and she was quiet. Then there were reasons and things which he had been doing for her. He cannot do everything as per her expectations and he had done things which she did not expect. When we start remembering and counting what is being done for us rather than what is not done for us, we start living a better life. After one month, they could realise a lot of things which were good and those were the reasons for which they were together.

Yes, its very easy to remember what is not being done for us as per our desire and expectations We process bad experiences more and more. However, it is important to remember good experiences and fill up our life and relationship with that gratitude. We will be peaceful and happier. We will have a much fulfilling relationship.

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