We need to start absorbing the peace of the moment. Sit, observe, absorb and be peaceful. Every moment brings that peace.

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I am peaceful. Generally peaceful. However, since the time kids are born, I always have something on my mind. It’s always there, what to do next. They have been quite a handful, since the time they are born. We went for a holiday, and I was sitting next to the river. It is one of my favorite moments of life. Go and take a walk by the riverside early in the morning, watch the sunrise and be there. Just look at the water, how it is flowing and then i realized that I have been waiting for this so much and my mind was on something which could wait. Because the girls were still sleeping, and I had one hour to myself. I sat there and just looked at the water. It was beautiful and very beautiful. It was healing. Everything the creation was offering was so perfect and healing. I was confused, if I wanted to close my eyes or if I wanted to just keep looking at the river and the flowing water from various small tributaries there. Different types of rocks had settled at different places, making different patterns. On the other side of it was a dense Jungle and it held many secrets still it was pure. It had all the animals and birds and everything else. Still everything was peaceful. there was only one sound, that was the sound of the river.

Yes, we need to sit and observe the peace everything brings to us. The peace we feel when we become a part of the surroundings The peace we feel, when we are one with creation. We need to take a break from what we are thinking and absorb the peace. We need to allow ourselves to flow with the river rather then thinking about the destination or the rocks. I mean the rocks in the life. We need to flow with peace. There will be rocks and they will settle. We need to absorb the peace in the Jungle of life and realize that peace within.

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