When we learn to surrender, we can sleep better.

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Peace! It’s so addictive. I love to be peaceful. If i am not peaceful, I can disrupt others peace too. We all need to work upon our peace. Sometimes, my husband laughs at me, You sit very peacefully, and I ask back, do you like me to be disturbed? It would disturb you more.

How I maintain peace? I surrender and have faith. And when I do not, it’s very easy for me to get disturbed. When people with anxiety, come to me, I ask them the same thing. He was on anxiety medicines for five years and still it was uncontrollable. He would lie on the floor when he had panic attacks. His family would feel scared in that moment. When he was in a controlled situation, he asked me, what was causing him anxiety. I asked him, what was worrying him. He tried explaining, that it is physical and I agree. But then it starts from mind. When we have some stress and it keeps increasing, it reaches to our cells and then it starts disrupting our cells. Even science agrees with that. When we reduce our stress, our body is happy and it starts healing. Everything starts falling into the right place. He had many issues and he decided to work upon that. He said, that i have tried meditating and nothing is working. It was simple, he needed something to fall back on. I asked him to surrender and have faith and have faith that everything is solving. And be grateful for that in adnace that everything is solving. he did the same and it took him a while to come into the alignment but he came. After two months, he could strt sleeping better and have faith. to his surprise, things also started solving. He wondered, what solved and he knew what solved. he wondered if he was creating them and the answer is yes and much more. Because it’s stars, karma, thoughts and everything else. But when we surrender, we let him to the work. When we do not surrender, we interfere in his work.

Learn to surrender and learn to surrender with faith. You will be peaceful and things will be peaceful after that.

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