We all fall at some point in time. It is about how we get up after the fall that makes us stronger.

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I am so fascinated by water falls. And I guess we all love water falls. that’s why we all look for water falls and we all get excited even when we see a small one. Or I guess, that’s why the whole world is fascinated by Niagara Falls.

So I was looking at a water fall and I realized, it’s falling and it continues to flow, which forms a river. This river satiates everyone’s thirst, it heals everyone, it irrigates all the fields on the way only to merge in the ocean to lose its own identity. Still, the water has never complained about falling. We worship our rivers because they serve us. They serve us after falling.

When I realized this, I wondered what if this water would have been stuck after the fall. And I saw a baby fall. Where the water had no outlet or very little outlet. It was black and stinking. It was becoming like a quick sand. I got my answer, if we get stuck after a fall, our lives become like a quick sand. We start sinking in that. We need to keep flowing and keep serving others, even after the fall. We need to get up and start flowing. We need to leave the pain behind of falling. this pain could be of any source. Someone hurt us, we were hurt financially, we lost someone, some health issue, some tragedy. We cannot dig own quick sand. We need to get up and flow like a fresh water river. We need to keep serving others also in that. After that it does not matter why we feel, how we fell.

Life has to flow like a river. If we keep flowing, we will always be fresh, happy and healing. We can choose, how we want to flow. If we do not get up and start flowing again, the life starts sinking.

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