One who has no insecurities does not need to be jealous. Work on your own insecurities to get rid of the negativity.

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She was crying badly. At the age of 35, she felt she could not sleep properly. She was jealous of her own sister. She was happily married, looked better, had two sons and financially better sound than her sister but still she wondered why she was jealous of her sister. Her sister had a darker complexion, she was financially in a difficult situation and her sister conceived and had a daughter after great difficulty. She wondered why she was jealous of her sister?

She felt insecure in her sister’s company. Her sister had an aura of calmness which made everyone comfortable in her company and she herself had an aura of aggressiveness. She was scared, that because of her own nature, she would keep pushing people away. Though her sister was always in a struggling phase in one or other way, she was scared that, what if in the future she recovers? Then everyone would follow her sister more and she would be left alone. She called her sister fake, because her sister was always peaceful and loving. She felt that, no one could be that peaceful. Everyone in the family wondered why she hated her sister so much, though in life, she always received better than her sister.

When we dug deeper, we realized, it was coming from her insecurities. She knew, she acted badly and she was aggressive towards most of the people, she was pushing people away and though her sister had all the challenges, because of her sister’s calm nature and peaceful behavior, everyone truly loved her sister more. To get rid of the jealousy, she had to work on the own insecurities. Instead of looking at how her sister was acting, she had to start focusing on correcting own behavior. When she started correcting herself, rather than trying to bring her sister down, she started improving and with that, her relationships, too. When that started changing, she did not have to be jealous of her own sister. In fact, she started helping her sister. Their relationship improved too.

Do not look at how others are, instead of look at how you are and how you can improve yourself. You will rise higher and faster.

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