When we learn to give, we gift ourselves the best version of ourselves.

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I am grateful to God that he has given me an opportunity to live in a wonderful place. It’s a very green society and the builder has been very thoughtful about planting a lot of medicinal trees around. So we took our evening walk, and we talked about the various trees here. We talked about, which plant is beneficial for which purpose and which plant gives what. There was a tree about which we did not know, so we asked our society’s Gardner. He shared that, as such this tree has no medicinal value or ornamental value, but this tree gives a lot of oxygen. And that is enough.

So when I was rethinking, I realized, we talked about only what they give and exactly, that is the most important thing. What we give. The tree becomes important for what it gives to others. We become important for what we give to others. Then we are nurtured and care for. No one cares who we are or what we have or what we wear. What matters is, what we give.

When we learn to give and help unconditionally, we discover a side of ourselves that we respect and love. And yes, we find the best version of ourselves. We are able to find that divine part inside us. We receive love for that part and we love that part. We are able to let go of all the insecurities, and ego. We release all the turmoil inside us. We find the best version of ourselves.

Learn to give, learn to give unconditionally, learn to give to discover yourself, learn to give to love yourself more.

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