No one grows in life without fulfilling their duties. Its karma!

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The greatest book’s biggest lesson is about karma. When Arjun puts his weapons downs aying he can’t fight, Krishan said, get up and fight your battle. It’s your karma. Even if it’s against your own loved ones, you have to fight to support Dharma because as a Kshatriya it’s your duty to protect Dharma.

We all need to fulfill our duty or else we can never grow in life and become successful. A gentleman came over, He was having continuous losses in his business. When discussed in detail, he shared something, for which he was guilty. They were three brothers and he was the most intelligent businessman. His brothers supported him in business. But they did not have the business acumen. They got separated. At that time, he did not give them business but he gave them a fair share. He kept all the business to himself. Then how did they manage? They are just managing. Sometimes with investments, rental incomes etc. But since then, they keep hunting for a source of income. He satisfied himself saying< i have been doing all the work, I can keep the business. But the reality was, he took away the source of new income. He was deep down guilty but he tried to satisfy himself. First, the business was doing fine, but over the years, his health suffered the most and he was into bad debts. He knew what was happening.

So he stepped away from his duties! He accepted. Now, what’s the solution. He started a new business with his brother’s son’s partnership, all three worked again, and then it worked and his brothers also got financially comfortable. He did not realize earlier that abundance does not depend on acumen, it also depends on love, truthfulness and honesty.

A gentleman did not take care of his parents. He just turned his face away from them. His sister supported the elderly but they suffered financially. His son developed some disease that seemed incurable. He wondered if this was because of his selfishness. Whatever he earned, a good amount started going into his treatment. He thought that he wanted to save more money and for that reason, he turned away from his parents too but he could never! Well, who knows?

Do well, fulfill all your duties and this is the biggest doing here!

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