Go within to find an answer for every conflict. Find the peace you are looking for.

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He used to hate his mother. To punish her, he would call her names, and he would break things. They had a lot of abundance, but he was angry that she sent him to a hostel. He did not have a comfortable experience while growing up. He wanted to stay at home but his mother sent him to a hostel. He knew the story that why she had to send him but he was unable to let go of the anger because he had suffered as he was blaming her for his suffering. So we started a question-answer session and every question was digging deep inside, and he was the one answering them.

Why did she send you to the hostel?

She had to work. Why did she have to work? Because his father’s business was not working. But why did she send you to the hostel? My mother did not have anyone to take care of me at home. What option did she have? What would you have done, if you were in place of her. He said that I would have taken care of the child. Then how would you have managed the money? He did not have an answer. There were no day cares in their city at that time. He himself said that I would have sent my child to a hostel. Did she make an effort to choose the best one? Yes, she kept shifting the hostels as I complained. Then why are you angry? Because my wardens were not good. What if they have been good? It would have been a great experience of life! Is the warden or the mother? The warden! Why are you blaming her? Did she do what all she could? Yes, she did! He knew all the answers, but when he started digging in, he realized and he started feeling peaceful. He still had to make an effort to forgive his mother, but he found the strength within.

When we start looking within, whether someone else is asking or we are asking, we always find the answer if we have the intention of solving rather than blaming.

Look within and you will find all the answers. let go of the conflicts. Find the peace. That’s the only way.

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