When we increase light, we do not have to fight the darkness. When we increase love, everything is healed.

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How can we heal? Can we heal any physical problem? Can we heal anything else than that?

Yes, we can heal all. We can heal relationships. We can heal physical problems, depression, finances etc.

How can we heal?

By increasing the light.

Can you please explain?

Healing is all about love and light. Whether it is a physical problem or any mind problem or relationship or financial problem.

First we need to know we do not heal, we are the channel for light. And true healing happens when a person has taken the inner authority. It’s like someone has prayed with faith in front of a deity, then that faith itself starts giving strength internally. After that, when we focus on that situation being healed already and pray the divine to spread the light, the healing starts happening. We need to see everything full of love and light and focus on that. We do not have to worry about what’s the current state.

How do we heal money part?

It’s the same. How would it be when it’s abundance. We need to first shift our focus to abundance. Then we need to let the light flow. So that, the desired state starts becoming stronger.

Does it matter, who is healing?

See it’s like, does it matter which tap we are using for water. What if the tap is rusted and has blockages. It would affect the flow of water. But if we have faith and the person starts working on the inner cleansing, keeping the thoughts pure and full of love, eventually, the channel will be cleansed.

Do we need any protection?

The love is the protection. The light is the protection. If you are healing someone, pray to God, surround yourself with his light and then let the light flow to the person you are healing.

Have faith in your prayers, have faith in your healing, let the light heal all, let the love heal all.

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