We have always been taking from mother Earth. We must give her back, help her heal. We need to make healthy choices.

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It was earth day and my five years old asked me, mommy, why do we have Earth day. I was like I guess, to make ourselves aware of the face that we need to be aware of Earth and what all needs to be done for her. But why do we need to do something for her? That is a big question. We have been taking everything from her. First, the land we are living on, walking on, this is mother earth. But why do we pay rent for that or why do we buy that? Deeeeeep! Well, it all belongs to mother earth, and we just happen to claim. Still, this is all mother earth, and then we use it’s water, from its atmosphere we use oxygen and we use trees and plants for our food. We cannot exist without Earth.

What do we do for her? Not much. We in fact harm her. How? We pollute it. We cut trees. We throw plastic. We have made rivers dirty. We have created landfills of trash. We have extracted its minerals. Sometimes it’s just for greed may not be for need. We keep cutting more and more trees.

So she does not get mad? No, I guess, she has been very patient with us. Very tolerant of us. That’s why, she keeps providing. But we all need to wake up and start doing our part or else, she would become very weak. And if she becomes weak, we will be the one to suffer most. Sometimes a little shift in her can cause earth quakes, tsunamis or floods etc. We cannot tolerate her shift! and what if there are no trees, no rivers, and only land, we have been fighting for land. Let’s say, we all get that land then? And nothing else? We will not survive. Humanity will die and along with us, we would kill all other species with us.

So what shall be done?

We need to take only what is needed. We need to have more positive thought process. We need to process what we are using and reprocess. We need to reprocess our trash. If we cannot use the trash, we must stop using like plastic and create healthy alternatives. We must reuse our water and above all, we must stop wastage of any kind of resources. Instead of spending resources over fighting for land, we must spend our resources in rebuilding earth. Creating more green areas. If we need fuel, we must create an environment, which can survive without fuel or natural ways. We need to help earth in becoming happy and healthy. We must give our love to her.

How do we love her? And why it is required? Well, how would you feel if one day, mommy does not hug you? I would cry. So how would the mother earth feel? Maybe she is crying. She also needs our hug and love. But how do we hug her? Well, first in our thoughts, we must have love for her. And we can spread our arms, lie down on earth and tell her how much we love her and how much we are grateful to her. We can love its trees and creatures. And then take actions, to help her become healthy again.

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