God loves those with the purity in heart and guides those who have surrendered their ego.

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So my little girl before going to bed asks me to tell a story. And I Started thinking which part of Krishna or rama shall I pick up. And I felt like sharing Kubjas story. She was a hunchback woman who lived in mathura and delivered oils and flowers to kamsa. When Krishna came to Mathura for the wrestling fight, he met her on the way. Everyone stayed away from Kubja as she looked unsightly. But God looks at the beauty inside you which makes you capable of becoming the most beautiful person on this Earth. So he addresses her as a beautiful lady and she starts crying. She thought that he too was making fun of her and he said no, because you are beautiful by your thoughts, you are very beautiful. She surrenders to him crying and gave him the oils and flowers which she was to give to the king. Krishna accepts the gift of love and pulls her up from the chin. As he does that, she is healed and all her limbs are healed. She turns into a beautiful lady. Krishna saw the love and purity of her heart which made her the most beautiful person. And because all the children have a pure heart, they are loved by God dearly.

The next story comes when both Arjun and Duryodhan go to seek Krishnas help. Duryodhan reaches first and sits towards the head. Arjun reaches later and sits towards the feet. Krishna wakes up and looks at Arjuna and asks for the purpose of visit. Duryodhan feels agitated and says he came first but Krishna argues saying he saw Arjuna first. Now the thing is, Duryodhan represents ego as he sat towards head and Arjuna represents surrender and love as he sat towards feet. So God sees love and surrender first not the ego. Ego is always ignored by God. Arjuna asks for Krishna’s guidance and Duryodhan wanted all his army. They both received what they wanted but as the Krishna was guiding Arjuna, he protected him from all the harms and Arjuna won the final battle. So God guides those who have surrendered and seek his guidance and they win all the battles of life.

Fill up your heart with love and purity. Surrender your ego to him and let him guide the chariot of your life. You will have to fight but he will ride the chariot.

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