When we give too much energy to small things, we do not have energy for bigger things. Choose your battles wisely.

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HE was short temperamental. He was always not like this. He got married 2 years back and since then things started bothering him. He was always wondering what his wife would think of him. Earlier if his parents said, something it was ignored but now everything turned into a battleground. He started shouting at his wife also on every small thing. He woke up when she left saying she could not live like this. He wondered how he could control his temper.

When we were discussing, he shared that he was overthinking everything. He was processing and reprocessing everything in mind. And then yes, he could not focus on his business which started affecting his relationship further. He wondered what’s the solution.

Well, like he said, he had started spending too much energy on every small thing which actually did not matter. So he was left with no energy on anything important. Second thing is we give only what we have. He was piling too much of negativity, so it was reflecting in everything he was talking. It’s like if we have 50 thousand rupees and we need to pay rent, groceries , medicals and school fee. But instead of that we blow up in pub and shopping, we will be stressed out the entire month. Because we did not spend the money on the necessity. We spent it on frugal things. So he had to start focusing on where he wanted to spend his energy. he chose to create a better relationship with his parents and wife rather than what his father said and also, how to improve his business. Within one month, his business started picking up and his relationship also improved. He was much more peaceful and as one thing lead to another, his father also stopped picking up on him. He was going down, so his father was pointing out more out of concern too.

We really need to choose our priorities. We often ignore where our mental energy is being spent. But our mental focus decides the quality of life. If our focus is on progressive things it will bring good results and we will improve. Thus happy and peaceful. If we focus on unconstructive things, we will be stressed out.

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