If you really want to be successful, focus on how you would feel when you reach there not the challenges you have to go through.

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He wanted to start a business, and then I asked what is holding you back? He shared that he did not like to do business with his father. So start your own. But still my father keeps interfering. Then talk to your father about that. He says that he has invested money, so he has a say. Then do not take investment from him, take charge of your life. He was quiet and shared that he was scared. But why don’t you take a loan from your dad, like you would have taken from bank, pay the interest and then do your business? Or why don’t you take a loan from bank? What if I fail? And it would be a longer journey because I would have to start small.

First thing who know, how quick or slow it would be? Second thing, then the risk also is less. And third thing, you will have the sense of accomplishment. You are scared and that is why you are focusing on the undesired result, and you cannot take the leap. Now, let’s see a scenario, where you are successful after one year and your business has reached where ever you wanted. Yes, you ran around, yes, you struggled, and it would be all worth it. But if you continue doing what you have been doing, you will have the same result. If you want a different level of confidence and business, you need to shift and focus on the desired result not the challenges. They are anyway there just that in different form.

He did that. Everyday, he woke up, and focused on where he wanted to be and worked hard. He took a loan from a friend and started a small food store. Within one year, he was pretty successful and paid back the loan too.

So amny times, I have seen, people give up even before starting because the are focused on the challenges. However, if we start focusing on what we really want and the desired result, we will start shifting the energy flow, we will be more confident and everything will start getting aligned.

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