We need to stop searching for God and we need to start knowing him. One who is always inside us, does not need to be searched.

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Do you know God?

Yes, we all know God.

Have you met God?

We all have met God.

Have you seen God?

We all have seen God.

Can you please explain all this?

Knowing God is like knowing self and knowing self is like knowing God. Bhagwad Gita says, more you search him outside, more you go away from him, more you search him inside, more you come closer to him. So we need to stop searching him, we need to start knowing him. One who is always inside us, need not to be searched. He is always there and will always be there. He was never lost. We get lost.

How do we know God?

Ask yourself, who am I? What is my existence? Why am I here? What is my connection with this creation? And everything will lead to one answer, this is who we are. We are made by God, for God, from God. We are made by love and God is love. There is no difference. Everyone is made by God with love and will be loved. Everyone has his presence and everyone is a part of him. What we see is different physical body but in reality, the spirit inside everyone is same. That is the God point inside us. And we are not this physical body, we are the spirit inside that body. He is always there inside everyone, so why do we have to search.

For everything there is a level of knowing. We know something, and we realize something, and then we apply something. We know he is inside us, but do we realize that. When we realize that, we know that he is in everyone. If he is in everyone and everything why do we have to look for him. When we start realizing him, we become more and more one with him. this is where we start shedding the outer layer, and we start becoming who we really are. This is where we realize, we are one. This is where we realize, God is one. This is where we realize, whatever is happening in the highest interest of everyone. This is where we bring in peace. This is where we bring in love. this is where we realize love.

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