When life takes you one step back, do something better.

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She was feeling very depressed. Her dreams had shattered.

They wanted to shift to the United States of America forever. They had planned everything and everything was ready too. For them, it was a dream come true. Few days, just before leaving, her father-in-law passed away and her husband had to postpone the shift. And then one thing after another kept happening. Her dreams were shattering in front of her and finally they could not shift. They had to stay back here. She had planned her entire life around this.

But then one day, she thought, she had two choices, to sit and cry over what did not happen and feel that life has taken her backwards or try to have a look at life from that place and see how does the life look like. She realized life looked good and there was no need to be stressed. in fact, she could see things in a better view. It was like when something is close you cannot see everything in it. Sometimes, you need to step back, to take a proper look at it. So she did that. She realized she had more time to do something, and she started making flower pots. They sold and she became famous for designing flower pots.

He was working with a company as a sales man. The company fired him as they felt the sales were coming on their own. He opened a franchise and then after two years the company closed the franchise model. He wondered what was there for him. Then, he sat and thought, and looked at all the options. He realized, he could start his own company and after 10 years, he bacme a very successful businessman. He started his 3 more companies in next 5 years.

A lot of times, life will take us back. But we need to do something better to make it better when that happens. Otherwise, we settle in our comfort zone. We step back and take a better look at life to see what else is there.

All the best and keep growing.

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