How you think is more important than how you dress. Choose your thoughts carefully.

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I was sitting with two gentlemen. They both were well-dressed, and they both were having some thoughts about the world. One was expressing them with love and his approach was in a positive direction. The other one was, expressing lots of anger and was demeaning everyone. He was using abusive language. It was becoming very difficult to sit next to him. As per him, everyone was up to stealing something, everyone was a bad human being. I wondered if he was the same?

Went to a party, where there were a lot of women who were so well-dressed, but there was only one, she dressed simply with no make up on, however, she did not talk bad about anyone. The rest of the lot was making fun of their husbands and talking awful about other in laws. I asked the lady with the simple clothes, if she was feeling out of the place. She smiled and said that naa, it’s ok. I am just wondering what all needs to be done tomorrow. A few kids are coming and I need to help them arrange funds for their books.

I have met so many people. Sometimes, they have come in different types of set-ups. But what has impressed me is always the way they think. The way they want to support the community. The way they want to forgive and let go of the tough times and people who have been tough on them. The way they decide to hold on to the positive side of life. The way they respect every living creature on this Earth. The way they are grateful not entitled.

Our thoughts are reflected in our energy. That energy interacts with everyone. This energy is our real clothing. This energy is absorbed by everyone else. This energy is reflected back to us. When we have loving and positive thoughts, we create a loving energy field around us. Which creates love and peace around us.

Choose love, choose gratitude. Let that be your real clothing.

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