Eat with happiness and a positive thought process. It will nourish both your mind and body.

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Our gut is called as the second brain of the body. The gut and brain are connected in many ways. They both release hormones and let’s say, exchange. It causes happiness or stress or can reduce happiness.

So scientists have done various experiments to find the links between two.

I can share two things:

One gentleman shared his story in the workshop. He was going through a tough time in life and he was having a bad relationship phase. His wife always fought with him for cooking food. She said that why she should cook for him. He also said that why he should earn for her. It’s a system. it was always a fight. He realized, their fights mostly happened after lunch or dinner. Then he started researching. He also felt that he could feel his wife’s thoughts after eating food, so something is there. He checked with her so many times, what was she thinking. Finally, he told her, not to cook if she was angry. She should cook only if she was happy. She also realized it and then their fights reduced and finally they could feel the love. Also, he realized that if he was angry and he ate, he felt a kind of stomach ache after the meal. But if he was relaxed, he did not feel that pain. HE stopped watching TV News while eating and also he made sure he was in a positive state of mind while eating. This healed his stomach ache.

I guess that’s why, a meal cooked by mother is so famous. She always cooks with a lot of love for her child.

In Russia, scientists conducted an experiment. They placed a machine on a cat’s stomach. They placed a lot of tempting food around her. She was happy and as soon as she ate, they saw that the digestion process started in her body. After few days, they placed a big dog on the window and the cat was stressed after that out of fear. She ate but she was stressed. The food did not digest even for hours and it kept lying in her stomach.

So we digest better when we eat with happiness. We feel better when we eat with a positive thought process. WE feel happy when we eat a meal cooked with love.

We can heal a lot of our body by correcting our thought process and food habits. This also includes eating with happiness and a positive thought process.

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