Whatever we have achieved, without nurturing a kind heart we have wasted everything.

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All the big business houses, they have come forward to help and support in one or other way in the time of crisis. They have been helping and donating in every possible way. and that’s kindness in their hearts. They grew in life and along with that their hearts also grew. They know the pain of the people who are in pain in one or other way. God bless them and may God opens all the channels of abundance for them forever.

I was sitting next to a big businessman, who was so kind that when he saw kids on the road and one kid jokingly asked that can they ride in his big car. He immediately stepped out and asked his driver to give them a big ride and bought ice creams for them. Everyone was cheering and happy for him. I do not know if those kids sent any blessings but everything around him was blessing him and happy. Then I saw one gentleman stepping out of his home every day to visit an old age home. This was a paid old age home, they did not need any donation. But they needed love because these old people had been abandoned by their family members. They needed someone to talk to them, they needed that someone comes and gives them assurance. He was doing that. I saw one lady cooking everyday huge amount of food and every night feeding street dogs. She was feeding at least 20 street dogs every day.

I have seen kindness in every form and I want to continue seeing that. I do not even want to say, how Universe supports those actions because that would be selfish. I just want to say, that kindness exists and this is the right way of living. This is the right way of growing. This is the right way of staying healthy. It brings peace to own heart. If we have achieved a lot, and we have not nurtured a kind heart, which can understand pain, which can bring smile on others faces, which can feed hungry stomachs, believe me, we have not achieved anything. We have just grown the outer shell. The core is empty. The empty shell is always weak and will break sometime. But when we grow with a kind heart, we become strong at the core. We serve the true purpose of taking birth.

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