Do not worry about, what you will get, think about what more you can give, and all the channels of abundance will open.

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Two people were fighting about what the other person did not do and after they had taken out all their grievances, they asked, what have you done? Then the fire started happening with the questions, where the other person asked about what they could give and did not. It was a fight of expectations. Then I asked, what do you want to give to your relationship? They both did not have an answer. They were worried, what they wanted and did not get and then fighting but they did not know what they could give. How would the fight resolve?

He was complaining about how life was unfair to him. How his brother had everything, successful business and a complete family. His business was failing and his wife always threatened to leave him. I asked him, what did you give to your life and he had no answer?

One lady seemed to have everything sorted. She was healthy at the age of 62, except some tidbits occasionally, her children were doing fine, they had abundance of money, and she was always ready to help anyone she met. So she was talking to me and I heard the sound of some birds. She shared that a small bird has made a nest in her balcony, and she is praying to God to protect the small birds family. She is not even using fan since the bird has come, so that her nest is protected. Then she shared how she was helping the employees in her husbands factory during the tough times. After all this, I asked her, do you think about what all they are doing for you? She was like why shall I worry? He is taking care of me and everyone I care about.

I had my answers.

For us to have beautiful life, before thinking about what all we have received or what all we can get, we need to think, what all we can give and how much more we can give. Life is like a bowl or a big jungle. Whatever we plant, that will keep growing. If we only think of taking out from that bowl, we would feel that the bowl is always empty. Whether that bowl is about relationship, money or health. But if we learn to add to the bowl, the bowl would be full and we would always have an abundant life. various sources of the Universe will also keep filling up the bowl.

We need to worry about what we are getting because we are worried about the empty bowl. If we learn to add and add more, the bowl would always be full, and we would never have to worry about the empty bowl.

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