We cannot avoid pain, we can accept it and heal it.

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One gentleman called up and shared that how he had many issues to discuss. At the age of 55, he was having many health issues and many small things which had been accumulating in his mind over the years. Now, the situation is one small sound scares him.

One 64 years old lady called up. She shared that she was standing on her terrace, and she heard the screeching sound of a car tires. She felt that if she had been there, that car would have rammed her, and she would have died. this thought started her anxiety and she wondered if she could be peaceful.

Both asked, how can we handle anxiety? How can we handle pain?

They both had few things in common.

  1. They both were in pain.
  2. They both were suppressing pain for many years.
  3. They both were in denial that they could feel pain.
  4. They both started having many physical probelms.

They both had to share, how they had felt in different situations of life. When his brother cheated him in the business, when his father gave more share to his brother, still he acted like an ideal son, how she felt cheated when her husband died and his family kicked them out, how she had taken care of everyone in the family but everyone bad-mouthed her, how her daughter-in-law was troubling her, and she was keeping quiet as she felt that she had no where else to go, even after giving her entire life to her children and family.

When they both started sharing their anger and pain, rather than just judging own emotions under should and should not parameter, they started feeling lighter. They started feeling better. Physical pain also started getting healed. Physical pain is the reflection of emotional pain. They both started sleeping better and they both stopped feeling scared of every sound they were hearing.

Accept your pain, it is real. Accept your emotions. Express your emotions, it is important. Heal with love, whatever is hurting you. Do not wait for someone else to come and heal you. Take charge of your emotions. Share with your loved ones, how you feel and let the pain come out. Do not bury it. And when you have expressed, let the love heal. let the gratitude heal you. let the forgiveness heal you.

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