Whatever we do, whatever we become, we are incomplete without giving back. Giving makes us whole.

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He was excellent in studies and very good at everything. Everyone thought that, he would be the first one to be selected for the job. But he was rejected. Everyone wondered why! He shared that the interviewer, asked him, about his social service project and what were his plans for that. he had no answer. he could not lie and he was rejected. He asked why it is important. Because, as per him, all the academics and debates and speaking with confidence were important. However, he saw a new perspective He went to the slums, and he had to look at how he could help them. He realized, those kids did not have any books and they had to study. He went to the market, buy the books and this is what he wanted to do as a social service project. I asked him, how he felt after arranging books for the children. he had tears in his eyes and he shared that he felt complete as a man. Up till now, he felt many things, but he never felt this contended and motivated. This gave him a sense of purpose and a sense of achievement. He felt that he was of use to someone and his life mattered.

Yes, giving is important for many many reasons. Maybe it brings more abundance and maybe be many more things. But we never feel complete, until we do something for someone without expecting anything in return. When we open up our hearts to the people, that’s where we realize our own magnificence. We realize, who we are. we realize our own goodness. Whatever we do, we do it for self and giving opens the door to that self discovery. It makes us complete and it makes us whole. Without that, we will never feel complete.

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