If you want health, focus on health, not ailments, focus on abundance, not lack, focus on love, not the problems.

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I come back to this again and again because I have seen, how this helps people. We all go through challenges and we all need to come out of them. I feel heartbroken when I see people stuck in that forever. I want to help and I want everyone to feel the abundance of this creation. Everyone deserves to enjoy the abundance and be happy. I believe in a happy, beautiful world. I feel sadder, if I see very nice people suffering endlessly. This chain can be broken and has been broken. We all need to make an effort to break the chain rather than circling inside that.

The first rule definitely is to be kind and help others. Without helping others, we can never grow in life. It is a sure shot way to pile up good karma. What works and what does not, we do not need to question, doing good brings all the positive energy. So start helping, start giving. Sometimes it would be conditional and sometimes it would be unconditional. Even if it’s conditional, continue doing. It will keep transforming your heart.

Now, have faith. Faith brings hope and hope helps us in sailing through everything. Without hope we will be an insecure lost case, wondering here and there. But with hope, we will be strong and moving ahead. And be grateful. Gratitude heals all.

After this, comes the major step. That was inner work, now, comes the outer work. Or that was the higher work. Start thinking, what kind of life you would want to have rather than the one you have right now. If you cannot focus on that, start writing. Start writing with gratitude. For example a gentleman with shoulder problem, started writing, my shoulders are healthy, thank you God for that. A gentleman with financial prblems, started writing, thank you God for my monthly income of…… One gentleman who was having relationship issues, started writing, Thank you God for the loving and understanding relationship with my wife.

All the points are real and all these people have changed their lives. We all can, we just need to keep taking the steps with faith with right intentions and in the right direction.

have a happy, loving, healthy, abundant life.

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