If you want to do right thing in the future, stop justifying the wrong things you have done. Have courage to accept your mistakes.

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One lady called up and she was crying. She was feeling embarrassed, she had made a few mistakes and when she was sharing her mistakes, she was giving all the reasons why she made those mistakes. Yes, they were grave! As per me, when we do something intentionally to hurt others, it is one of the gravest mistakes or something which is against the nature of mankind. She had intentionally hurt her husband’s family! I was quiet. She asked me, wouldn’t you say anything? I asked her, what do you want to hear? And what help do you need from me. Maybe you called up, just to share? She said, no, I want your opinion. And do you want to improve yourself in the future? Or do you want to continue doing the same? If you are feeling bad, you must want to improve. If you do not want to improve, then you called up only to share. I cannot say, you did not make a mistake. You already know it, that you have done wrong and yes, you are scared of karma. What would happen to you in the future. She was quiet. Then she asked, if it is possible to correct things?

Yes, you might have to go through humiliation in public, or you may feel hesitant. Everyone already knows, those mistakes or the things you have done, just accept them, in your heart and then with your husband, without justifying. When we justify, we ruin the apology. And in the future, set your intentions right. Regarding the karma, I cannot say, no bad will come to you ever, but if bad comes with bad, then good also comes with good. Good things also will start coming, if you start changing the course now. Also, the ill effects may be mitigated. She went and accepted all her mistakes in front of her husband and promised to take the correcting actions. To her surprise, he kept quiet, and just said, i am aware of all this, and I am glad, you accepted and shared. She wondered, if it was so easy.

In next one year, she made a lot of efforts from heart and things changed. Her relationship with in laws and her husband improved. She wondered, if she was ruining her own relationship by feeling jealous and insecure.

Yes, when we justify our mistakes, we lose the opportunity to be right in the future too. We lose the opportunity to create a better version of ourselves in the future. We also ruin the apology, if it’s being made. So stop justifying the mistakes, accept them with courage and work on them.

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